3-car accident kills 1 on I-71 in Medina County

An individual was reportedly killed in a car collision that took place early on Thursday morning on Interstate 71. Officials have reported that the incident took place.

Because of the accident, motorists on northbound Interstate 71 between Interstate 271 and State Route 303 can only use the left lane of traffic.

According to the officials, the first responders arrived at the scene as of four in the morning. There is currently no time estimate available for when the roadway will be totally reopened to vehicular traffic again.

In addition to the passenger automobile, the Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatch reported that the accident involved two box trucks. This information was confirmed.

The information that the collision resulted in the death of one person has been verified by the dispatch centre.

The authorities were unable to provide any information on the time the accident occurred or the circumstances that accompanied it at the time of their investigation. This is a story that is in the process of developing.

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