1 dead, 3 injured in head-on crash near Byron

On Vasco Road, south of Camino Diablo, there has been a head-on collision involving three vehicles, and firemen from Contra Costa County are on their way to the scene. According to the government, there have been “multiple casualties” and at least one person has been verified to have died.

According to ConFire, the accident included a total of three vehicles: two pickup trucks and a service van.
According to Steve Hill, the spokesperson for the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, there was a collision involving a van and a pickup truck that resulted in a head-on collision.

The collision injured three persons, two of whom were critically injured. The two victims who sustained significant injuries were transported by helicopter to John Muir Hospital. There was reportedly a third vehicle involved in the collision.

Initial reports suggested that there were ten people injured as a result of the incident. At least three people, including a male who was 31 years old and a woman who was 40 years old, were brought to John Muir. The victims of two separate accidents needed to be cut free from their vehicles.

Three of the injured were taken to the hospital via aeroplane, while one was taken by ambulance on the ground. At the scene of the crime, the victim’s death was confirmed by medical personnel. According to Hill, the collision took place around two in the afternoon.

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